Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Plumbing in the kitchen still not fixed.  Landlord AWOL.  Kitchen sink remains unusable.  Just washed a load of dishes in the F'in tub.  Ugh.

But I am heartened by the fact that Marlon Brando went through the same experience when he was coming up, before he became big.  

What's that?  He didn't?  Oh, man...

Monday, June 29, 2009

A Big Push

Sometimes I need a really big push to get moving on things even when they're the things I want to be doing and the things I need to be doing.  Getting layed-off is as big a push as I'm probably going to get in terms of getting my career business taken care of (and now I'm also under the gun trying to find an apartment before september).  

Push away!

1.  I have been working out in McCarren Park and looking for monologues at the Performing Arts library at Lincoln Center.  

2.  I've been running lines for Fight Girl on my iPod.  

3.  I've been reading up on arts philosophy and taking meetings with friends on long-distance-relationship-philosophy (After an incredible dinner with Kelli and Caroline last night making food for hours, our sink pipe finally corroded and sprung a leak this morning, dousing Kate's feet).  

4.  I've been taking care of business with Unemployment to ensure I get a good-sized check every week (Four simultaneous jobs in Q1 of 2009 = Hey-O!).   

5.  I've been getting tips from friends on how to maximize the audition experience on both ends and, of course, going on auditions.  

6.  I am updating my blog.

For a long time I think the comfort and flexibility of my day job was good, but the time to step it up career-wise came and went and I was a little too complacent in that setting to make a move.  But now the job exists no more and I am free to kick ass again.  Soul Samurai was a huge boost for me and now another door has opened with this remount of Fight Girl and I have a chance to bring the pain once more.  I am going through the door this time.  

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Republican Family Values In The News

In the immortal words of playwright Dustin Chinn:

"Oh, politicians.  Will you ever tire of whores?"

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


Below you'll find the trailer for FGBW.  I stole it directly from Qui's blog.  Seriously.  I saw it there and I said, "Embed immediately!"  

Cut, paste, published under my name. 

Lee Strasberg, back me up on this:

When you steal a good thing, we say, "Good for you, darling."  
Only when you steal something that isn't worth stealing, 
something artificial that stops you or interferes with you, 
do we question it.
-Strasberg at The Actors Studio, p.45

Amen, you crazy bastard.  

It'll be at the illustrious HERE Arts Center this time around, home of Soul Samurai and many other amazing shows by smart downtown companies.   It was a great pleasure to work there this past February and I cannot wait to do it again.


Sunday, June 21, 2009

Rainy, Connecticut

Just did another reading at The Lark followed by an out of the blue opportunity to debut a new play at Shakespeare-on-the-Sound's reading series in Rowayton, CT.  It was called A Bed the Size of Portugal by Mat Smart.  Awoye Timpo, my friend from days of old, directed it and there were a lot of laughs all around.  

Wanted to stay in Rowayton (5 min from the Darien stop on the MetroNorth) to see Joanna Settle's production of Midsummer but it threatened rain and, as it's an outdoor theater, was ultimately cancelled.  The show has music by Stew, whose stuff I love, so it was a double disappointment there was no show that night.  The trip up from Grand Central was a good 50 minutes, so not too bad.  Will try and get out there again before it closes.  


Sunday, June 14, 2009

Life Liner

Kate has posted a new video to her website that is simply amazing.  It's called Life Liner and it can be found in the "about" section.  I make a cameo appearance and I think it's an amazing accomplishment.  You really get to know more about her and who she is through it.  Enjoy it here.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Reading at The Lark

Tomorrow I will have the pleasure of doing a reading with a friend from Brown, Mike Crane. He was one of the best loved and most sought after actors of my youth such as it was in college, and he was a stalwart of his class at NYU. The play is Deirdre O'Connor's Assisted Living at The Lark tomorrow at 8pm, part of the playwright's workshop reading series. Go here for the other details.

I mean, if you like going to readings at The Lark then this is perfect for you.

If you don't know what I'm talking about then just check it out and take that chance you promised yourself would be your New Year's resolution. "Get out there, socialize and meet people!"

That was mine, anyway.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009


This is Maureen Sebastian as Daisy and myself as Naruto backstage at Japan Day 2009 in Central Park.  Jon Hoche was Uruhara and Bonnie Sherman was Sailor Uranus.  We did fights that Qui Nguyen choreographed.  The other pics are on Facebook!  Blondes DO have more fun, by the way.

In other news, given my mission to disseminate word on the noteworthy and on the arts in my life, if you have a blog of your own (or a personal website) send me an email and I'll post a link to it.  I know a lot of you have them and I visit them often but I just haven't had the time to sit down and give you a tangible internet shout.  I want to do it.  As you can see from the incredibly high number of comments people have left on previous posts, I get mad web traffic so... Well, just do it.      

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Coming Up

Everything they say about Rockband is true. I stayed up until 1:30 last night rocking out to songs I hadn't heard since middle school (I got a 99% on vocals for White Wedding!), switching back and forth feverishly from drums to bass to guitar to the mic while drinking my favorite beer and shoveling kettle corn down my pipes. (Yes, I know that beer has wheat in it. I also know that sugary snacks are bad. It was Monday night and no one tells me what to do on Monday nights!) Weirdly, I kept hearing someone shouting "Fuck yeah!" every time I did something right. It turned out it was me, completely hopped up on the vibes.

A good jam session after a successful reading with friends: priceless. Thank you, Dustin!