Tuesday, September 23, 2008

This Year's Outstanding Featured Actor is . . .

. . . Napoleon Beazley!
Well, some sweet day, I guess.  

However, (among others!!) the whole cast did win the Outstanding Ensemble IT Award last night, and considering the nature of the show and how hard we all worked, I'm glad none of us was recognized above the others.  I was going to accept on behalf of the cast, anyway :-)

Since only six of the nine of us were there and it was an ensemble thing, it was a bittersweet victory.  But to be onstage in the bright lights, to be in such great company, to have Kate there, and to receive the award from the legendary Bill Irwin (clown genius, guys)... Man, it was like winning the lotto.  

I should know.  Because I did win.  Today.  This morning.

Joanie and Charlie Benson (Kate's aunt and uncle) sent me five scratch tickets for my birthday and, by God, I won 55 bucks!  I wanted to do a Howard Dean "Yeeeargh!"  (First stop on the money train?  Oasis Falafel: $3.  Nice.)

So: I'm Moneyman instead of Featured Actorman.  I'm cool with that.  For now.  Some of that mojo or karma or whatever is definitely in the air.    

Don't we look young?

Don't dream it--be it, people!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Stand Up to Cancer Telethon

I'm in the show's opening segment . . . the star-studded one :-)

(Note: the show has moved from streaming on ABC.com to streaming on the SU2C website which is not as fast.)

Wednesday, September 3, 2008