Wednesday, June 18, 2008

New Old Pictures

Since I'm still new to this format and what blogger can do, I've arranged these pics I just got off our camera into a very un-sexy one-after-the-other scroll down event.  I've captioned them, though.  Enjoy!

Kate in the subway at Bedford Ave.  I love it where we live but if you ever look closely at this station (service interruptions aside), it's simply filthy.  On the Brooklyn-Bound side especially the tiles are horribly discolored and grimy from a perpetual leak of sludge coming from the ceiling.  It's almost laughably gross.  It's like being in that Jennifer Connelly movie Dark Water, where the stuff running down the walls is supernatural and malevolent.  There's usually a busker down there playing music too, though, so that mitigates it a little bit.  A little bit.  

Kate and I at one of our favorite restaurants, SEA on North 6th.  Lena came to visit and took this at dinner.  They have this awesome pool in the center that floats a boat of flowers around with a giant peaceful Buddha presiding over it all.  I am not a foodie, but I do love me some Pattaya Noodle there.  Like you start getting ready to leave the house early when you know you're going there, love it.  I'm also sporting the beard I wore in Vonderly here.  I don't know why I didn't just shave that sucker immediately after the last curtain but some guys have that thing where they don't grow facial hair easily (that took me all of rehearsal and the run to grow, and still seems a little thin to me) and so when do grow it out, they relish the new experience.  That's mostly high school dudes with moustaches who do that, now that I think about it, but I was totally in that phase...

My dad and sister at our hotel for Kai and Brad's wedding.  After the ceremony and reception ended we came back here and took a ton of flash photography on the interior balcony.  It was somewhere around midnight.  Since all the rooms faced inwards, the flashes from the camera lit up the entire place and went into people's rooms.  Anyone who was downstairs in the bar or looking out their window or walking to the room was temporarily blinded.  And we took a lot.  Most of these pics are from that midnight session.  I developed a little complex about it at the time, thinking mnanagement was going to see what all the fuss was about, but it turned out okay.  Great story, right?
This is my Dad lounging like a kingpin at the hot tub in the hotel.  We stormed the pool area after documenting ourselves in our dress-up clothes on the balcony.  Most of us put our feet in, but he didn't.  He just sat there taking it all in.  Exactly like this.
This is my Mom.  I'm on the right side of this picture but I happened to have a big sty on my eye just in time for the wedding so I cropped myself out of this one.  Trust me, it's for the best.  I control the content around here!    We had an awesome time at the wedding; there's a picture of the five of us the wedding photographer took that's on the fridge at home right now that speaks volumes about our time there. 

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Slavey and Chicken

Good news!  My first show with amazing downtown theater company Clubbed Thumb is going up this coming weekend and promises to be amazing.  It's called Slavey, and it's by playwright Sigrid Gilmer and directed by Robert O'Hara.  The cast is awesome and the show is smart and edgy.  It runs June 22nd through 28th and you can find all the details at the Clubbed Thumb website here:  

The second bit of news is that I have been cast in A Chicken Goes to Broadway, a hilarious puppet one-act that is going to be at Playwrights Horizons' Peter Jay Sharp Theater as part of the Sam French Festival.  As I posted a while ago, it's written by my very own Kate Marks and directed by Heidi Handelsman.  Details on that to come.  I'm excited to work closely with Kate on a production of one of her fantastic plays, something we've never done before as actor/playwright in our entire relationship.  We did do a workshop of Ark together, but we're in the big leagues now...